Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007 American Hero Award

Last week I nominated Brandon Rork for the VA Mortgage Center 2007 American Hero Award. (this is an award for active duty servicemen who were deployed in either Iraq or Afghanistan)

I was thrilled to learn he was chosen as a finalist and that has already net him a sweet $500 prize.

Now there is public voting to determine the winner- and $5000 is at stake.

Our man is from Norwood Ohio- and he is an amazing hero who has Rambo caliber prowess with a machine gun!! He just got home from an extended tour in Iraq serving with the 10th Mountain Division.

Read the full account of the events written by his Commanding Officer!

See a picture of the huge truck!

This was his view from his watch! That's the truck!

This is the hood ornament from the truck he now keeps in his pocket.

If you go to the Bengals game tomorrow- from what I understand they will be honoring Brandon at the game- he's the real deal- a standing ovation- you must read the full story to appreciate what a blessing Brandon's quick thinking and actions were: A suicide bomber drove a dumptruck loaded with 7 times as many explosives as what was used in Oklahoma City through the gates of their patrol base! Brandon machine gunned the engine block and got that truck stopped. They even managed to disable the driver, get him out of a suicide vest and take him into custody alive! Had that truck exploded, the loss of life would have probably made the bombing on the barracks in Beirut look like small time.

The voting will continue till Jan 11, 2008.


Vote for Brandon! Read the WHOLE story- they way the cut the paragraph on the contest page- it almost looks like he was nominated because he's a translator...

well... translate THIS you wack-job suicide bomber- ratatatatatatatatata!!!!!!!!

Can you hear Brandon now!?

Please pass this on to all your friends and anyone else you know who wakes up in a free country!

keep voting! Every Day!

and have a very Merry Christmas!