Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happier than two girls in a yarn store- with eight kids between us, we two knitting moms were happy to get out without any kids and enjoy a little afternoon out in Northern Kentucky! Here we are at Knit-on in Bellview Kentucky on the Ohio River. I picked out a soft wool fingering weight yarn in pastel baby tones. Jojoland "Melody"

On a completely unrelated note, I used to hate shopping for jeans- trying them on was such a chore- now with three kids- it's an impossibility. So I got up the courage to just order some jeans online from Old Navy. The jeans came in record time and are a perfect fit- what a treat to be able to order the "longs" because the stores never carry longs in sizes larger than 5 (it's like they think that tall women are not really larger people- they are simply short women stretched like silly putty) I'd be thrilled if it weren't for the dumb pockets... what's up with this?

Why BOTHER!? This is a pair of John's standard Levis next to my new Old Navy Jeans. The amount of seaming, rivets and craftsmanship that went into constructing these pockets are identical- what missing is about 1 or 2 cents worth of cotton muslin. For the life of me I can't figure it out... is it because pockets inside your pants might actually show up as an outline on your thigh when you wear your jeans super tight?