Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look at our first quilt!

There is a new botton on my sidebar, the "Freedom Isn't Free Quilting Bee" This effort was the brain-child of a woman from California named Natascha- please visit her blog to see more pictures and details about the project. This quilt and was made with quilt blocks contributed by 11 AnySoldier supporters...and then the hard work of putting it all together and backing it was done by Natascha. Thank you so much!

This quilt was called the "Pioneer Quilt", and aside from the size of the 8.5" squares- we had free rein for colors and themes. Amazing contuinity considering these came from all over the country don't you think?

More quilts are planned for the future and there are even more quilters signed up raring to go.

Originally I'd volunteered to make 4 squares, but due to the good turnout only one was needed. The remaining squares might make it into future quilts. This is and example of one of my Army star blocks. This block is made of 41 pieces of cloth!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is my latest cartoon, it's a Valentine for the Sky Soldier paratroopers of the 173rd who are fighting out at the tip of the spear in the Afghanistan Mountains. Please keep them in your prayers.

The image began as a ball point pen drawing, which was scanned and then colored using various photoshop techniques and a wacom pressure sensitive tablet. The fire is mostly a photograph (about 80%) which has been manipulated to fit the forms of the heart. The sword and wing is the division patch, and the rest is mostly inspired by Ed Roth and popular tattoos.
Check January 2007 archive to see last year's AnySoldier Valentine.
I know I haven't shared much of my visual art here on this blog, maybe I will more in the future. A very short term goal I have is to learn how to create realistic looking flames like these freehand using photoshop. I'll tell you how it goes.
The little dog is doing fine, gaining weight and coming out of her shell, she's a frisky hoot at playtime and enjoys going for tag along walks around the farm. I am still thinking that I need to find a home for her. I am going to be looking more into some Rat Terrier Rescue Groups and see what they suggest. No name.
I'll have a new knitting project to post soon, no WIP pictures, but I finished the little EZ "Heart Hat" today... it's in a dove blue and unbleached white sugar'n cream cotton... a valentine present for that sweet little baby from Alaska.