Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Seeing double... knitting. The last time I ventured into double knitting was to knit a pair of preemie socks on a pair (not set) of double pointed needles. It wasn't true double knitting, it was just knit, slip, knit, slip out on one side and back on the other. Doing the tiny stitches on one needle allowed me to manage the tiny rounds without having to wrangle all that pointy stuff.

This time I am going to try for a pattern in two colors to make a material with two "right" sides. This time I'm purling a back stitch and knitting a front stitch in alternating colors. Because the yarn changes color every four (or eight depending on how you think about it) stitches- the material is very well stuck together. In a few rows I am going to make the pattern double back until I have a square washcloth with v's.

It's taking a while to get the hang of where the yarns need to be when the knits and purls are made but I think by the time I am done with this square I may be ready to tackle a design like the sunset saddleblanket colors. I'm still floundering at the edges- they are locked together but it's not always pretty. I figured out that horizontal stripes in doubleknit ar not stuck together- vertical ones are stuck together- but would be a total PITA. Diagonals are nice and stick with argyle type design integrity smarts. So if I do go for the saddlepad design- I'm going to have to plan the diamonds so they tack the layers together- I don't want the layers to be shifty like a pillowcase.

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