Friday, September 15, 2006

It's a crisp cool September morning and my left foot is snug and warm in my new sock. I won a contest over at and my prize arrived this week- totally making my day. I was headed out to an afternoon of dance classes with the kids and was lamenting the fact that I didn't have any knitting to bring with- and there on the mailbox was a package containing two beautiful balls of Sisu fantasy from Norway. I dashed in the house to grab my sock needles and we were off.

I made the pattern up as I went and decided to try a few elements offered by Elizabeth Zimmerman in "Knitting Without Tears" The four stitch garter border on the heel flaps and a German heel. I don't like the German heel- it's too square and baggy, not fitted- and since these were going to be clog socks- the baggy heel is a downer. The sides of the heel flaps on the other hand- are as streamlined as can be- a benefit lost when wearing shoes that don't touch the sides of your feet.

The top stripe of the sock is green and it worked out that the toe was green too- bonus! The green ran out about 5 rows too soon- so I borrowed some green from the other end of the ball to finish. The remaining yarn has no green left- yeeeowch- that was close! The other ball of Sisu does not start with a green repeat- which makes me think that I may not luck out being able to start and finish the same way. This other ball may be asking for yellow or aqua- which may leave my heels looking like nautical flags. I'm going to try to not stress about this. Knitting without anxiety!

I got my baby a pair of Robeez booties last week and as a big bonus for me- they came in this cute little bag- perfect for a sock project- it even has a little handle and a zipper and it fits two balls of yarn and a set of DPN's perfectly.


The Curly Knitter said...

That sock looks fantastic! I'm so happy you like the yarn! Have a great weekend!

KnitMongrel said...

The sock is gorgeous... and I know what you mean about the German heel - I started knitting my heel flaps shorter, and that seems to have fixed the problem. Congrats on another FO!

Anonymous said...

Your sock looks great! I've taken to winging it when it comes to color and striping when I make socks. They come out as fraternal twins and it's more fun than stressing over getting them to match.

-- tine, from the march list...

Anonymous said...


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