Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happier than two girls in a yarn store- with eight kids between us, we two knitting moms were happy to get out without any kids and enjoy a little afternoon out in Northern Kentucky! Here we are at Knit-on in Bellview Kentucky on the Ohio River. I picked out a soft wool fingering weight yarn in pastel baby tones. Jojoland "Melody"

On a completely unrelated note, I used to hate shopping for jeans- trying them on was such a chore- now with three kids- it's an impossibility. So I got up the courage to just order some jeans online from Old Navy. The jeans came in record time and are a perfect fit- what a treat to be able to order the "longs" because the stores never carry longs in sizes larger than 5 (it's like they think that tall women are not really larger people- they are simply short women stretched like silly putty) I'd be thrilled if it weren't for the dumb pockets... what's up with this?

Why BOTHER!? This is a pair of John's standard Levis next to my new Old Navy Jeans. The amount of seaming, rivets and craftsmanship that went into constructing these pockets are identical- what missing is about 1 or 2 cents worth of cotton muslin. For the life of me I can't figure it out... is it because pockets inside your pants might actually show up as an outline on your thigh when you wear your jeans super tight?


Holly said...

I've never noticed I have to get up from the computer, leave my office, walk up two flights of stairs to my closet and check my jeans out. Well, the walk'll take care of the bag of M&M's I just glombed.

busybusymomma said...

I noticed the same thing with some Old Navy jeans (I have the opposite problem, I have trouble finding petite jeans)... the pockets are so tiny that they tend to want to flip inside out on one pair that I have.

(I found you via the MDC Knit Ring random button)