Sunday, August 12, 2007

Update on the poultry-eating frogs: It's horrifyingly true! Yesterday my son's attention was drawn to the pond by our red hen flapping her wings wildly- when he got there he discovered her distress over one of her new chicks out in the water as if drowning. Before he could get something to scoop it out- a frog surfaced and finished what he'd started and dragged the chick under.

So it seems that the frogs are now making like crocodiles at an African watering hole! - going after the little animals who come down to drink.

The duckling update is that we are down to just one, the other succumbing to the affection of baby Angus. The remaining duckling, M&M, is growing fast and will soon have to find his place in the barnyard pecking order. He carries a name which is a little tougher than a little duckie deserves but when Fiona named him after her favorite candy, she didn't know it was also a rapper. A candy wrapper.

The other news is that I did pass the quality control check for producing the retrofitted shorts for "Sew Much Comfort" I received a package with all the supplies I need to make SIX new pairs of stylin' basketball shorts. That will be a lot of very satisfying work which I am going to get started on.... right now!

I had a birthday last week and I'm going to treat myself to a new hairstyle. Maybe next week I can post before and after pictures!

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the dissident frogman said...

A poultry eating frog? Where on Earth do you live?

Oh and, is that how you found me? Googling for a frog with a taste for chicks maybe?