Monday, October 29, 2007

Shooty aplenty
A fantastic visit last week from friends from Nebraska... they brought cameras (if you notice the outstanding jump in photo quality here), guns, ammo... and even empty Starbucks Double Shot Espresso cans. I got to try out all the guns and really enjoyed shooting this rifle with the scope. ... which actually allowed me the pleasure of hitting a target- over and over. (about 45 yards) One (surprise) can was still full of coffee and afforded a spectacular gusher when hit- wow!

The pistol grip shotgun here... although very fun to look at, I didn't enjoy quite as much shooting from the hip as the precision of that scope.

Yesterday John and I went out for a little more shooting practice and I got to try a single shot shotgun and a .22 revolver. Once again... eh... not liking a shotgun too much. The revolver was fun as all get out- and although I was very close to my targets (about 30 feet) I was able to get all six shots on the same board! -lol

Here's a look at some of that.
The boards were about 18 inches square and these scans- they are just a portion of that-
the larger circles are about 4 inches across.

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Bird said...

GO Sarah!
Very shooty indeed.