Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is my latest cartoon, it's a Valentine for the Sky Soldier paratroopers of the 173rd who are fighting out at the tip of the spear in the Afghanistan Mountains. Please keep them in your prayers.

The image began as a ball point pen drawing, which was scanned and then colored using various photoshop techniques and a wacom pressure sensitive tablet. The fire is mostly a photograph (about 80%) which has been manipulated to fit the forms of the heart. The sword and wing is the division patch, and the rest is mostly inspired by Ed Roth and popular tattoos.
Check January 2007 archive to see last year's AnySoldier Valentine.
I know I haven't shared much of my visual art here on this blog, maybe I will more in the future. A very short term goal I have is to learn how to create realistic looking flames like these freehand using photoshop. I'll tell you how it goes.
The little dog is doing fine, gaining weight and coming out of her shell, she's a frisky hoot at playtime and enjoys going for tag along walks around the farm. I am still thinking that I need to find a home for her. I am going to be looking more into some Rat Terrier Rescue Groups and see what they suggest. No name.
I'll have a new knitting project to post soon, no WIP pictures, but I finished the little EZ "Heart Hat" today... it's in a dove blue and unbleached white sugar'n cream cotton... a valentine present for that sweet little baby from Alaska.


Bird said...

Forgot to reply to this when you sent me the e-mail of this Sarah....VERY cool!
Nice work with the photo turned out awesome!

Becky said...

YES! I found your blog again! I'm so glad! This time I'm bookmarking it. It took a bunch of creative Googling to turn it up.

I remembered you had a lot about knitting and I have been working on a couple of beginner projects, which is maybe what piqued my interest. I have been working on a scarf for Breckan (overdue, obviously) in a camo-colored yarn he chose. I kept intermittently screwing up, without realizing how, the purl stitch, so bits of my knitting were reversed. It was driving me nuts. Finally I realized I was holding the yarn wrong, and now I have it right. But now I have to screw up the other half of the scarf identically with the first half so it looks intentional.


I'm almost done screwing it up correctly now. Breckan will be so pleased.


Anonymous said...

Good art work, Sarah. Impressive