Sunday, May 24, 2009

A long time away

Hello out there my long lost friends.  It's been a while since I posted on my blog... I guess I should explain.

Just before I stopped blogging you will see I posted about finding that little dog Daisy.  Well, little Daisy soon found her way into our hearts but I was reluctant to take on a fourth dog when Duke's health was going downhill.  The day I decided to make it official, we went out to buy Daisy a little dog bed.  Duke must have had a stroke while we were out.  When we came home- the Duke we knew was gone, he was alive, but erased.  It was a sad irony how I struggled so hard to open my heart to Daisy out of concern for Duke... and then, when I did take that step to make Daisy ours, Duke gave up his spot by the stove for her.

At the time I could not bear to write a blog entry about Duke.  ...and as other things came along, stories from Great and Small Farm, happy, sad, interesting, creative... I could not bring myself to leapfrog the new entry past the unwritten memorial for old Duke and somehow a year and a half has passed.

I promise to soon write that post, and then all the ones in between and try to get this blog current again.  I have missed this.


Anonymous said...

Regards to you, Sarah, in your grief.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry for you in this time of grief.