Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Last Friday was a very sad day here, a boy was killed in a car crash, hilltopping. They had been visiting our neighbor kid, and my husband says they left squealing tires... a mile down the road- the driver was dead. The two passengers were thrown clear of the car and had minor injuries. Apparently the passengers, at 17, have already been in five wrecks... either they are some really bad luck or they are riding with the wrong sort of driver. I think if I was their moms I'd move to the city and give those boys a bus pass.

What's even more horrible is that it seems that the crash has made our little country road more popular, over the weekend it seemed that many unfamiliar cars came up here racing. Maybe they just wanted to visit the crash site and see for themselves, get some closure- but it seemed a little less somber than that. I sure hope that hump in the road does not become popular over this.

Last year on a different nearby road an entire family was wiped out by a teen boy whose flying bronco landed into the top of their minivan, decapitating the mother, killing two children, leaving the grandmother and father on life support and one young child of that devastated family with his world forever changed. From what I hear the boy responsible for the wreck is back to driving the same wild way... not even killing three people and crippling two sobered him up.

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Sarah said...

These stories are so upsetting. I recently read an article about a recent study done by AAA. An amazingly high percentage (I can't remember it exactly) of accidents are caused by people aged 15-17. In those accidents, 1/3 of the fatalaties are people age 15-17, and 2/3 are other motorists and pedestrians who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. :(