Friday, March 10, 2006

This wild duck appeared at our pond today, aside from canadian geese and mallards I have not seen any wild ducks here so this was a real treat. Our farm ducks stayed far away from him while he did a lot of diving. His dive technique was interesting- he would stay down for about 10 seconds or more and the come up again in the same spot. We were able to watch him for a while from the kitchen door. My son named him "Pop-up" I think he is a greater scaup- his bill was very blue.


Vegan Knitting said...

I agree with the Scaup ID. Only one of them, though? Here in the Bay Area we get them in huge flocks.

Sarah said...

Ah the wonder of migratory birds! A whole flock! Wow- it's funny to think of it- where I view him as a very special rare bird- if you have seen big flocks they must seem "mallard ordinary" or even "canadian goos pesky" to you.