Saturday, July 08, 2006

The weather at the Kentucky Horse Park could not have been more beautiful today. The parade of carriages was amazing- I actually began to get nervous that I would run out of digital memory before the beautiful turnouts stopped cresting the hill.

My only regret was that I did not get to enjoy the review with my husband by my side- he was at the arena with the kids listening to the commentary and I had ventured out onto the lane by the steeplechase barn to get some more scenic shots.

I know that he must have learned all sorts of tasty tidbits about the historic vehicles I was hoping that he could tell me about everything while we went over my photos- but he'll probably save his newly aquired trivia to surprise me at another event.

The Carriage Association workers/volunteers were wonderful, helpful at every turn. I got to see the beautiful new office and browse the gift shop which was well stocked with books and videos. I treated myself to a pair of Driving Essentials Gloves and a Video of Micheal Muir's Journey across America- I just could not resist the Stonewall Sporthorses, and I am hoping that I can somehow manage to arrange a video night with some Amish friends who have MD. I think they will find the drive to be very inspirational.

We got to meet Kathleen and John Henry- the butcher cart AND Mr. Mule were both much larger than I had imagined.

The black barn in this photo is the Steeplechase Barn where John and I were married in May of 1995. I'm half tempted to photoshop this awesome turnout into our wedding pictures.. who would know?

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Anonymous said...

What a nice blog. I was searching the internet about the Stonewall Sporthorses, and found you. I have the last stallion from the Stonewall Domino Line. He has two babies on the ground with four more on the way in the spring. Please let all you know they are for sale, and then sale $ go back to the therapy center. We are just starting a website, you can view it at I've purchased and, but they haven't connected to the website yet. The babies are on under warmbloods of color or go 10 miles from zipcode 23322.

Thanks for the great comments, and hopefully we'll get the word out on how wonderful these horses are.