Tuesday, April 04, 2006

May's twins were born yesterday afternoon! They are a boy and a girl. So far the little girl is having a tough time getting going. She isn't able to stand up yet and falls spraddle legged, but she is alert and otherwise very thrifty. It's a little tough to crawl into the truck cap to help out- but once inside it is very cosy in the thick hay bed. There was frost on the ground this morning. I tried helping her up, by flexing her legs and holding her knees together, she was able to raise up enough to find the teat and nurse a little this AM. She passed a meconium poo shortly after, so I think she got enough milk to make a difference. May did give me a good box in the ear though for trying to mess with her babies- she is a protective good mom... all the "mmm" "MMMM" "mmmm" "MMMM" back and forth communication between the babies and mom is just as sweet as sunshine.

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busybusymomma said...

Awww cute! Will you be spinning yarn later then? Have fun with the little "kids". :o)