Sunday, April 16, 2006

What an amazing sky we had on Friday! As the sun was going down huge billows of mammatus clouds dripped down like a blanket of lava lamp in the unstable atmosphere.

This is my start to the Mystery Pi Shawl. I am using a flake cotton which is mostly thin like a crochet thread- but has big slubs which add a lot of texture and Art Deco interest. I think this shawl will be wonderful over pink or black. The color is a bright tangerine. I chose the "D" option for the first pattern band from the EZasPi knit along.


Silver said...

The shawl matches the sky! ;)

I know just what that lower picture looks like -- it looks like fire agate. I love fire agate, and that's a wonderful picture.


knitsteel said...

Oh, I love that start to the lace. I look forward to seeing it continue. Where is the knitalong? I probably don't have time to join it, but I just might have to follow it.

Sarah said...

knitsteel- The kint along is at the Yahoo group EZasPi... a knit enabler friend told me that there were actually Elizabeth Zimmerman yahoo groups- and I fell hook line and sinker for that bait. The theme of this shawl is "Garden" and they will give us clue offerings as we go- this first ring had 4 choices- so we don't know ahead of time where we are going with this (other than outward) and all the shawls will vary due to different pattern options along the way. The options are posted in the files section. Some members are making knit doilies by keeping their needles and yarn really fine.

Kellie said...


We were in Carrolton on Friday evening and saw those same beautiful clouds, and then were treated to a fantastic light storm on the way home.