Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Shaving An Australian Shepherd

With a crawling baby on the floor I just could not take it anymore- the dog hair had to go! Since 90% of the hair appeared to originate from the 33% of our dog pack which is Dodi- out came the clippers. With a little extra courage thanks to Cesar Milan- I bypassed her snappish bluffy protests and kept on with it- and what do you know- she got over the panic and settled into a relaxed (alright begrudging) frame of mind. The clip was very close to the skin which despite her overall blackness, is white- she wound up looking like a mearle whippet mix- now a week later the black hair is really filling in over the skin and she just looks like a slick black tailless mutt. And I am very pleased to report that the dog hair situation in the house is much improved.

Dodi is a very soft dog and I have to say that taking photographs of her is almost as traumatizing as clipping her. It looks as if she may heve been recently beaten with a tri-pod, but I assure you that it's nothing but camera-shy and only lovey words were spoken.

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